Welsh recycling plant destroyed by inferno

Posted under Miscellaneous on 22 Sep 2010

A blaze at a recycling plant in Wales has highlighted the importance of having regular fire risk assessments in factories and other commercial premises.

Crews from North Wales Fire and Rescue service were informed about the incident on Spencer Industrial Estate, Buckley, at around 22:55 BST on Sunday night September 19th. Four fire appliances, an environmental protection unit, a high volume pump and an aerial ladder platform were among ten machines that responded to the inferno and worked through the night to contain it.

A statement from the fire service stated: “Crews worked extremely hard in the early stages of the incident to ensure that the fire didn’t spread to the adjacent buildings and they managed to prevent this from happening.”
Commenting on a similar incident recently, Becky Reid, Marketing Manager at the Fire Industry Association, said that such fires often result in businesses closing for good because they never recover.