London fire brigade to go on strike on Bonfire day

Posted under Miscellaneous on 01 Nov 2010

As you may be aware, The London Fire Brigade are striking as a result of a dispute over working hours.  They have confirmed strike action on Monday 1st November, as well as a possible 47 hour walk-out beginning on Friday 5th November.  The risks that bonfires and fireworks pose make this Bonfire Night strike an even more worrying development.  As seen from their previous strike on Saturday 24rd October, it is likely that there will be very limited or zero cover at these times.

The London Fire Brigade are advising all businesses to ensure that:

  • The fire risk assessment for the premises is up to date and has been acted on.
  • Measures to reduce the risk of fire are in place and are working.
  • Fire precautions in the building are working.
  • The premises’ emergency plan is up to date and appropriate to ensure evacuation in case of fire without the need for brigade assistance.
  • All staff knows what to do in case of fire.

In addition, they strongly recommend:

  • Delaying certain activities if they have an increased risk of fire associated with them.
  • Rescheduling deliveries of flammable substances to coincide with periods when full emergency response cover is available.
  • Lowering inventories of substances/items that are flammable or toxic.