Disasters are a fact of life…

Posted under Legislation on 27 Nov 2010

Fire is the biggest risk to your paper documents, thieves are not interested.

30% of all businesses that have a major fire go out of business within a year. 70% fail within five years.

If you run a business, even a small one from home, UK law requires you must keep critical documents, including invoices and receipts, in a safe place. Most for 6 years, some for 40 years!

Many people, however, when asked for documents will happily just point to a shelf, take you to their garage or simply ruffle through a cabinet to get you the information you need. Put simply, they’re not stored anywhere safe and could be lost or stolen very easily.

Company documents are important and storing them safely is a legal requirement, not just a good idea. You should, the, consider putting them somewhere safe so that they cannot be simply picked up and taken out of the building, lost when someone decides to tidy up and burned to a crisp in a freak accident.  

Maybe you will be lucky and won’t become a victim of disastrous circumstances, but if disaster does strike, will you be prepared to put your entire business at risk?

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